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Tax Planning & Return Preparation

Many financial decisions have a tax component that will potentially impact the advisability of a course of action. The proper management of your tax liability can have a positive effect on your cash flow, investment returns, and retirement income. 

In addition to tax planning for future transactions, our firm prepares our clients’ individual federal and state income tax returns each year. This service helps maintain a complete understanding of the interaction between financial planning, investments, and tax decisions.

Some of the often-overlooked strategies that our firm considers throughout the tax planning process include:

  • The selection of securities that minimize taxes.
  • The placement of securities in retirement vs. non-retirement accounts.
  • Maximizing the benefit of tax-deferred retirement plans.
  • Assessing the tax effect of proposed transactions.

We prepare individual federal and state income tax returns for our clients who have $500,000 or more under our management at no additional charge.

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