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Our Investment Approach

<b>Disciplined and Academically Based&#160;</b>

Disciplined and Academically Based 

Our investment approach adheres to three core principles:

  1. Markets reflect the aggregate expectations of investors about risk and return.
  2. Diversification helps reduce uncertainty.
  3. Empirical research guides our portfolio construction.
<b>Low Expenses and Tax Efficiency</b>&#160;

Low Expenses and Tax Efficiency 

Our evidence-based approach focuses on the things we can control:

  • Choosing funds with lower expense ratios and low turnover,
  • Reducing transaction costs through disciplined trading,
  • Strictly avoid sales loads and other unnecessary fees, and
  • Positioning asset classes appropriately to minimize taxes and allow for loss harvesting.

Invest Well While Incorporating Values

You may have environmental concerns about greenhouse gas emissions or social concerns about child labor, gambling or weapons. At Lighthouse, we can design your portfolio to achieve the dual goal of investing in companies acting in more environmentally sound or more socially responsible ways while building investment solutions that help meet your financial goals. 

The Sustainability Opportunity

The Sustainability Opportunity

Sustainability funds serve as strategies to help investors align their sustainability values with their investment goals. 

Learn more about sustainability strategies
Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investing

Social investment funds enable investors to pursue higher expected returns across stock and bond markets while maintaining alignment with social priorities and philosophies.

Learn about socially responsible investing

Investments keeping you up at night? What’s your Risk Number?

We’ll take a quantitative approach to pinpoint your Risk Number by going through a series of objective exercises based on actual dollar amounts. The first step is to answer a 5-minute questionnaire covering topics such as portfolio size, top financial goals, and what you’re willing to risk for potential gains. The Risk Number helps us ensure that your portfolio aligns with YOUR investment goals and expectations. Try it now!

(If you would like us to contact you after completing the questionnaire, please include your phone number. If not, feel free to skip that part.)

<span>Life Style Risk Tolerance</span>

Life Style Risk Tolerance

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