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Retirement & Cash Flow Planning

Retirement Planning

We help our clients with answers to the essential questions that can impact their income and spending when working towards their immediate and long-term goals.

  • Are you saving enough for retirement?
  • Do you know what to expect for retirement income?
  • Wondering when the best time is to collect social security or a pension?
  • Will you have enough money in retirement to travel, pursue hobbies, or pursue another career?
  • Can you retire early?

What is cash flow planning?

Cash Flow Planning is the process of creating a sensible strategy for funding your retirement that balances current financial needs with expected needs many years into the future. By comparing your assets to your expenses over time, we can identify periods when you may fall short and when you may come out ahead.

<p>Navigating Retirement Pitfalls</p>

Navigating Retirement Pitfalls

Why are they made again and again? Making sense of these errors in judgement.
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<p>Important Birthdays Over 50</p>

Important Birthdays Over 50

Here's a look at several birthdays and “half-birthdays” that have implications regarding your retirement income.
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<p>Historical Inflation</p>

Historical Inflation

This calculator shows how inflation over the years has impacted purchasing power.
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<p>Inflation - Back to the Future</p>

Inflation - Back to the Future

Even low inflation rates over an extended period of time can impact your finances in retirement.
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