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How We Work With You

First, we determine the areas that are a priority for you and then implement the recommendations one step at a time.

Personal attention
Our process begins with an initial meeting where we discuss your goals, values, and areas of concern. While many clients already have solid goals in mind when they come to their first planning meeting, we take the time needed to prioritize, clarify and expand your objectives.

Understanding your current situation

Your financial picture is comprised of a personal statement of net worth, assets, and liabilities, and a cash flow statement showing income and expenses. A close look at your finances can reveal ways to reduce debt and increase cash flow into the areas most important to you. Once we have a picture of your financial life, we can develop and analyze alternatives that will help you achieve your goals.

Planning for the unexpected

A financial plan is typically comprised of several strategies, each designed to address a different piece of your financial life. Unexpected events can happen and your financial plan should also include strategies for dealing with life’s contingencies, such as an accident or illness, or even premature death in the family that could negatively impact your plan.

Implement and review

Together, we evaluate the available strategies, decide on the course of action, and implement the recommendations. As your life changes, it is highly likely that new strategies will be added or your existing strategies will be revised. It may make sense to increase or decrease insurance amounts, adjust your asset allocation, or a look at a new tax reduction strategy. We will meet with you as often as needed to review and update your plan.

Tax Planning & Return Preparation

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Our Investment Approach

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Retirement & Cash Flow Planning

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Risk Management & Insurance

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Estate & Legacy Planning

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