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We focus on providing sensible long-term financial advice and investment management.

Client Centered

Ever wonder how the pieces of your financial life fit together?

No one strategy fits everyone - you may need cash flow planning, an analysis of the tax consequences of a decision, or a review of your estate plan. By understanding how all of the components of your finances integrate, we can work toward sound recommendations that will provide you with an in-depth, coordinated picture that will help you make sensible decisions about your life challenges. 

Personal Attention

Our process begins with an initial meeting where we discuss your goals, values, hopes, dreams, and areas of concern. While many clients already have goals in mind, we take the time to prioritize, clarify and expand your objectives.

Understanding Your Current Circumstances

Once we have a thorough and detailed picture of your financial life, we can develop and analyze alternatives to help you achieve your goals.

Planning for the Unexpected

A financial plan is typically comprised of several strategies designed to address a different piece of your financial life. Unexpected events can happen, and your financial plan should also include strategies for dealing with life’s contingencies, such as an accident or illness or even premature death in the family that could negatively impact your plan.

Implement and Review

Together, we evaluate the available strategies, decide on the course of action, and implement the recommendations. As your life changes, new techniques will likely be added, or your existing strategies will be revised. For example, it may make sense to increase or decrease insurance amounts, adjust your asset allocation, or look at a new tax reduction strategy.

How Often Will We Meet

We will meet with you as often as needed to review and update your plan.

Financial Planning Areas

Investment Planning

Investment planning involves creating a strategy to save and invest money, based on a disciplined and academic approach, rather than reacting to market fluctuations. Instead of reacting to market changes, investment planning allows you to stay on track and achieve your financial goals.

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Tax Planning and Preparation

Effective tax planning can help you maximize your earnings by minimizing the amount of tax you pay. At Lighthouse, we offer free preparation of individual federal and state income tax returns for our clients who meet our assets under management criteria.

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 Cash Flow and Retirement Planning

A cash flow or retirement plan is created by analyzing your cash inflows and outflows and devising strategies for saving and investing. This process allows you to create different scenarios and evaluate the impact of various factors such as increased savings or working longer on your overall success.

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Insurance Planning

Insurance planning aims to assess your needs by developing a plan to protect your financial assets and income. 

We can only offer advice on the amount of insurance you need, as Lighthouse does not sell or receive commissions on any insurance products.

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Estate and Trust Planning

An estate plan outlines how you will manage and distribute your assets after you die. We work with you and your attorney to create a will, trusts, or other legal documents to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

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